House Rules

Huisregels Restaurant Riaz


⁃ Own consumption is not permitted


⁃ A cared appearance and correct clothing is required


⁃ For guests guests who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, access to the restaurant may be denied.


⁃ Guests are responsible for their property.


⁃ Riaz is not liable for theft, damage and / or loss of your belongings


⁃ Camera surveillance: our video recording can be shown to third parties after irregularities or accidents. A Riaz guest agrees.


⁃ 1 food-to-go bag per customer is possible, but with several there is a small fee.


⁃ For telephone reservations, Restaurant Riaz holds the table for a maximum of 15 minutes, after which the table can be given away when it is busy.


⁃ Pets are not allowed, but guide dogs are.


⁃ Guests with children are responsible for ensuring that their fellow guests do not experience any form of nuisance.


⁃ Children should not run in the restaurant, any damage caused will be recovered from the parents.